Drug Abuse & Dental Care

It is incredibly difficult to put one's life back together after the damage that drug abuse causes. Drugs can destroy dental health as well as relationships, careers and physical health. Dr. Strutz and her staff have helped many patients in the process of recovery to get their smile back. There are often dark, chipped and even broken off teeth following lengthy drug abuse. Frequently teeth are infected and extremely painful. Someone who is trying to recover from a drug addiction does not need exteme discomfort necesitating pain medication.

Everyone has done things they regret, but since we are all human we do not judge patients for their current conditions. We choose, instead, to offer hope, it is one of the ways we can make a difference. Our office is a safe place where there is no reason to be embarrassed. Overall health is dependent upon having a healthy mouth as well as the ability to eat properly. A nice smile affects our chances of employment and advancing in a career.

Once you choose health and healing, let us help you get your smile back.