Dentures in a Day

‘Dentures’ is a term that is thrown around a lot, especially in certain circumstances. Jokes about dentures falling out or being eaten by the dog are not new. However, secure and excellent fitting dentures are not made by accident, nor are they something to joke about. Dr. Judy Strutz, your Board Certified Prosthodontist in San Bernardino, California prides herself on creating dentures the right way.  
“Creating great looking and fitting dentures is a complicated procedure in that it requires knowledge, skill and experience,” says Dr. Strutz. “There are also different types of dentures that can help rebuild your beautiful smile, and depending on which type you need or want, it will impact how long the procedure takes.”

Today, more and more patients are preferring to have an implant supported denture or 'All on 4' technology to help them rebuild their smile. While it is also referred to as 'teeth in a day' the process takes a bit more time than that. It starts with an examination to determine if you are a candidate. If so, an impression will be taken and a denture created. Once it is ready, surgery will place your implants and that same day you will have your denture placed. The great news about this technology is:

  • A palate-less denture can be made for the upper arch. This means more enjoyment of food as with a traditional denture some of the taste buds in the mouth are covered.
  • Secure fitting dentures. When dentures are supported by implants placed in the bone, they are more stable.
  • A patient can begin the day with teeth and end the day that way as well. If you are someone who has some or all of your own teeth, you could have extractions done, implants placed and a denture provided to you all in the same day. Never having to worry about being toothless.

 Dr. Strutz will work together with you to build a beautiful, restorative smile that meets all your needs.

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