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For an infant, a frenum can impact how a baby latches on when they are nursing. “A baby unable to latch on correctly can cause them to not receive the nutrition that they need. Also a breastfeeding mother can become sore from the child not latching on correctly,” says Dr.Strutz. Laser surgery can be done on young infants if they have a thicker than normal frenum in order to help alleviate the problems of incorrect latching that means a challenge for both breastfeeding infant and mom.

A frenum is a muscle and when it is thicker than it should be and attaches to either the upper gums or the lower tongue to the floor of the mouth a minor surgery can make a significant difference.

This surgery can make a significant difference in the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child and can be completed by Dr. Judy Strutz using laser technology.  It is a relatively routine procedure and can be done upon an infant that is only a few short days old and in a few short minutes. 
The area corrected by the laser procedure may be sore for a few days, but should heal rather quickly. Your child may be a little drowsy, but should recover quickly right after the surgery with many children nursing immediately without problem.   When a laser is used the recovery time is shorter and sutures are not required.

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