Trauma & Cancer

 Oral Trauma & Cancer

In the spring of 2010, in an effort to treat her patients more completely, Dr. Strutz has embarked on a  new educational journey. In March of 2010, Dr. Strutz began attending classes at UCLA two afternoons a week, to learn more about Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontics. She has learned how best to treat patients that have been compromised due to trauma, but largely those that have experienced malignancies of many different types.

"The biggest challenge in these cases is that of restoration, trying to bring the patient back to a more "normal" condition."

 During the process Dr. Strutz has learned an incredible amount of information about surgical outcomes and radiation / chemo therapy and the overall impact on the patient following such procedures. Although her soft tissue exam/oral cancer screening has always been thorough, in light of the cases she has seen and read, it has expanded into an even more comprehensive exam. One of our core values as a practice has been to "Give Hope to the Hopeless," clearly that has taken on an even bigger meaning for Dr. Strutz since she completed her course of study in 2013.

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